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10 Facts Every Parent Should Know About Speech and Language Disorders – by Christian Farrugia

The professional who works with communication disorders is often called a ‘speech therapist.’ However, a ‘speech therapist’ evaluates and works not only on speech difficulties. Given this, I prefer to use the term ‘Speech-Language Pathologist’ (SLP), even though it does not describe our profession fully because we also evaluate and manage feeding and social difficulties.…

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Where To Go? Top Child-Friendly Events in Malta & Gozo – Easter 2018 & more

View all upcoming events organised by date on SoPARENTS.com, an interactive website powered by Buzymummy Around Easter time there are plenty of opportunities how your little ones can be entertained. Especially during Easter holidays many activities are offered, some of them Easter themed like egg hunts. But also cultural and creative events like musicals or…

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