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Withdrawal Of Unsafe Toys From Maltese Market Led By Market Surveillance Directorate

A project undertaken by the Market Surveillance Directorate within the Technical Regulations Division of the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (MCCAA), has elevated and tested fifteen toys for the presence of dangerous chemicals such as phthalates. These included plastic dolls, plastic toy books, bath/squeezable toys, and inflatable toys. These tests were carried out in…

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Recipe: Homemade Gluten-Free Biscotti by Gia Janks

Oh the places you’ll go…..Summer school holiday edition. Coming up in today’s installment: Friendly catch-ups! With most schools being ‘nut-free’ environments these days, I like to take the opportunity during the holidays (or after-school hours) to give my kids lots of protein and vitamin rich nuts. I also love gifting our playdate friends (who are not nut intolerant…

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kids creativity

5 Original Ideas That Will Spark Children’s Imagination At Home

Spark Imagination. Join the fun.  Kids are storytellers, artists, entertainers and they all have an incredible imagination. Here are a few of our favourite activities which will get children to love learning, engage, collaborate and celebrate their imagination. Perfect activities for some Summer fun. 1. Random Cuttings Cut out pictures from magazines pin them on a board (on…

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