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kids creativity

5 Original Ideas That Will Spark Children’s Imagination At Home

Spark Imagination. Join the fun.  Kids are storytellers, artists, entertainers and they all have an incredible imagination. Here are a few of our favourite activities which will get children to love learning, engage, collaborate and celebrate their imagination. Perfect activities for some Summer fun. 1. Random Cuttings Cut out pictures from magazines pin them on a board (on…

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Beach Lunch Box Recipe: ‘Homemade Puffs with Gluten-Free Pastry’ By Gia Janks

Oh the places you’ll go, summer school holiday edition. Coming up in this week’s installment: THE BEACH. The sun is shining, the kids have sunscreen on (following lots of refusing and running around), the monster beach bag is packed with everything imaginable and we’ve arrived. Then the inevitable question, ‘What’s to eat MUM?’ As most mums would…

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Summer Lunch Box Recipe Series: ‘Nutritious Muesli-Style Bars’ By Gia Janks

By Gia Janks Oh the places you’ll go…..Summer school holiday edition. Coming up in today’s installment: The park. It’s only 9am and the checklist has begun: Sunscreen applied ✔️ Nutritious breakfast eaten (homemade buckwheat pancakes, fruit & yoghurt) ✔️ Snacks packed ✔️  Thankfully I took 20 minutes last night to make these highly nutritious muesli-style bars – packed…

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