Recipe by Tia Mowry – Slow Cooker Lentil-Beef Stew

Lentils are a sometimes forgotten legume but have recently experienced a comeback due the fact that they are low calorie but are very nutritious. Lentils are about 25% protein, which helps in the building of all body tissue, particularly muscle. Moreover studies show that adding fiber to your diet can lower cholesterol, and the folate and…

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chocolate energy bars

Kids Snack: Homemade Chocolate Energy Bars – Recipe by Gia Janks

Oh the places you’ll go. Summer school holiday edition. Coming up in today’s installment: Home in the A/C. During this unbearable heat, it safe to say most of you out there have been spending the afternoons with your kids playing at home, at friends or somewhere in the A/C. On days like these you definitely…

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Recipe: Homemade Gluten-Free Biscotti by Gia Janks

Oh the places you’ll go…..Summer school holiday edition. Coming up in today’s installment: Friendly catch-ups! With most schools being ‘nut-free’ environments these days, I like to take the opportunity during the holidays (or after-school hours) to give my kids lots of protein and vitamin rich nuts. I also love gifting our playdate friends (who are not nut intolerant…

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power biscuits

Summer Lunch-Box Recipe: ‘Gluten-Free Power Biscuits’ By Gia Janks

Oh the places you’ll go…..summer holiday edition. Coming up in today’s installment: A swimming pool. The weather is quickly heating up! So nowadays we dash out of the house early loaded with bags, towels, sunscreen and SNACKS, ready to meet our friends at a public pool somewhere. The perfect place for the adults to sit in the shade,…

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Beach Lunch Box Recipe: ‘Homemade Puffs with Gluten-Free Pastry’ By Gia Janks

Oh the places you’ll go, summer school holiday edition. Coming up in this week’s installment: THE BEACH. The sun is shining, the kids have sunscreen on (following lots of refusing and running around), the monster beach bag is packed with everything imaginable and we’ve arrived. Then the inevitable question, ‘What’s to eat MUM?’ As most mums would…

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Summer Lunch Box Recipe Series: ‘Nutritious Muesli-Style Bars’ By Gia Janks

By Gia Janks Oh the places you’ll go…..Summer school holiday edition. Coming up in today’s installment: The park. It’s only 9am and the checklist has begun: Sunscreen applied ✔️ Nutritious breakfast eaten (homemade buckwheat pancakes, fruit & yoghurt) ✔️ Snacks packed ✔️  Thankfully I took 20 minutes last night to make these highly nutritious muesli-style bars – packed…

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summer lunchbox

Summer Lunch Box Crisis? Gia Janks’ 6 Tips For a Delicious & Nutritious Summer Lunch Box

If your kids are anything like mine, as soon as we leave the house or arrive at the beach or park, they inevitably ask – “What’s to eat mom?” So my number 1 rule for getting through the summer holidays is being prepared, which means having a lunch box full of healthy and tasty treats…

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pork chops

Recipe: Rosemary, Garlic and Red Wine Pork Chops – by Erika Fiorini

INGREDIENTS 4 boneless pork chops 1 tablespoon butter 150ml red wine (I usually use Merlot but any good red wine will do) 1⁄4 teaspoon salt 1⁄4 teaspoon pepper 1⁄2 teaspoon rosemary 1 teaspoon meat seasoning 2 garlic cloves finely chopped DIRECTIONS Lightly season pork chops with a mixture of the salt, pepper, meat seasoning and…

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recipe tuna veggie patties

Recipe: Tuna and Veggie patties by Zoe Chircop

These tuna and veggie patties are super easy to make and very convenient, since most people almost always have the necessary ingredients in the pantry and fridge. They can be served warm or cold, on their own or even in a sandwich. The recipe is by the lovely Zoe Chircop, a mum of two who loves creating…

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beef stew recipe busy mums

Recipe: Hearty Beef Stew by Erika Fiorini

This beef stew recipe by Erika Fiorini, is deliciously heart-warming and is suitable for all the family. It takes around an hour to make but it is well worth the effort. An idea would be to prepare it in the evening and serve it the next day since the flavour improves, the longer it sits.…

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