11 Things us parents NEED the government to address in Malta

Amidst the blood bath of proposals, insults, fake news, corruption and propaganda that has become of this national election, we found ourselves thinking, what if we as parents, had to be given the power to change something in Malta? Or even better, more than one thing alone? Let us allow ourselves to dream. Let us assume…

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10 Reasons Why I Am in Love With My Kids

When I was a young girl I was never the type who dreamt of getting married and having kids. I was always very cynical and rebellious about it all. So nothing could have prepared me for the surge of love that came over me when  I first saw my little baby move around in our ultrasound.…

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5 things to consider when choosing a toy for your child

When looking for that perfect toy for our kids, it is easy to get overwhelmed when one considers how much choice there is out there. One important factor to take into consideration is that children learn a lot through play, so the toys and activities we expose them to, can have an important role in their mental and…

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mom sleep

4 situations that change drastically after you have kids

Being sick – Feeling sick? Have a high fever and feel you physically can’t move? Puking your guts out and don’t feel like looking at food? Pre-kids Call your boss to inform him/her that you will not be in. Boss seems a bit pissed off but gets over it. You sleep all day and wake up the…

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slowing down

Indulge in being slow. It’s the new luxury – via Highway to Happy

Most of us, find ourselves multi-tasking like there’s a house on fire. We swiftly move from one task to another without even knowing what’s going on around us. We focus on our endless list of tasks, we go as fast as Olympic sprinter Bolt and, more often than not, we unfortunately miss out on some…

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terrible twos

Forget the ‘Terrible Two’s’ and bring on the ‘Adorable Two’s’

By Roselyn Borg I must admit I was not looking forward to my son, Edward, turning 2. I have heard so much about the infamous ‘terrible two’s’. I pictured myself in a supermarket, dragging him along from the cheese counter to the cash point, plus so many other ‘tantrum’ scenarios. I was so caught up with…

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A plea to mums: Please Vaccinate Your Kids

By Audrey Komrij Jones I’ve spent the past few days arguing with strangers. I keep telling myself, year in, year out, ‘stop arguing with strangers on Facebook’. It is always actually my number one New Year’s resolution. Suffice to say, I normally break it on New Year’s Day at 9am, or earlier if anything controversial…

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6 things we love about ‘My Favourite Things’

‘My Favourite Things’ is a concept store which has at its heart a passion for brands that offer individuality and practicality to mums. The store was founded by Emma Diacono, who, when pregnant with her first-born discovered her zest for spotting brands that were developed and created with parents in mind. We visit the store…

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