Why We Need To Raise Our Sons More Like Our Daughters

I know what you are thinking. God help us, an article from a die-hard feminist who doesn’t shave, and doesn’t wear a bra, telling us how men are the enemy and how the world needs to be run by women. Wrong. I respect men, and I actually think they have it harder than women in…

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An Open Letter To The Pastor Who Filmed Me Changing My Baby’s Nappy

Dear Pastor Vincent (Antoinette) Fenech,   Thank you for taking the time to inform me about the changing facilities at Mater Dei hospital. I am now aware they exist and I am sure they are very convenient for anyone who is in need of a nappy changing facility while visiting the hospital for whatever reason.…

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Angele Cristina

Guest Post: 5 Ways To Find Motivation – By Angѐle Cristina

By definition, motivation is the reason for people’s actions, desires, and needs. In my words, your driving force – what pushes you to keep going ! In the info-graphic I have mapped out 5 ways to FIND motivation, keeping it, is the secret and also the key! In every step we will reveal, make sure…

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busy mum

Guest Post: The 5 Things That Helped Me Regain Balance In My Busy Life – by Amanda Brincat

I’m sitting here on my own, having a very small break, listening to some music while my daughter naps. I found a page on Facebook called ‘Becoming Un-busy’ (is that even a word?). I’m thinking this is interesting, I would love to try this. But how exactly do I make myself ‘un-busy’? With our crazy…

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Please Stop Sharing That Video

If you are reading this, then you probably know which video I am referring to. You know, the one where a scared, petrified, traumatised woman who also happens to be naked is filmed whilst a group of male police officers are trying to contain her. ‘Oh but it is her fault’ I hear you say.…

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I LOVE My Kids, Always, But Is It Okay If I Don’t Like Them All The Time? by Lynn McCormick

The Beauty Of Having Kids. Each and every phase has its own milestones, challenges and achievements. The baby and toddler phase, where each small thing is a huge step for them, and as they grow more and more, each step may be small for them, but a huge achievement for us. I feel ever so…

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natasha giorgio

Working Mum Running On The Treadmill Of Life – by Natasha Giorgio

I have been meaning to write this post for a while, but never seemed to find the time. Time being the golden word. A word that in the life of a working mum is more precious than Pippa Middleton’s engagement ring. Before I became a mum I knew it would be tough to juggle a…

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travelling without kids

“I Craved Travelling Without Him – Now I Miss Him” The Irony Of Parenthood

I am traveling without my little boy today. It feels like a whole new world traveling without him. I traveled alone so many times before Edward was born but since he was born, catching a plane without him has not happened that often. Going through security is surely easier! Less bags and no drama about…

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same-sex marriage

An Open Letter To The Protesters Against Same-Sex Marriage – by Audrey Komrij Jones

Over the past week we have been treated to posts by the anti-same sex marriage brigade peppered with insults such as ‘jaqq’, ‘abnormal’, ‘they deserve to burn in hell’ and plenty of other niceties which I would rather not repeat. Of course, not many were so crass and others chose to hold (not so) silent…

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