Christmas Gift Inspiration – 9 Maltese Brands That Offer Exquisite Gift Ideas

Christmas which is just round the corner, is the season to be jolly and that special time during which we get to spend precious time with those we care about. It is also the season of gifting, and deciding on what to give our loved ones can get overwhelming for some, especially when shopping for…

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Psychiatric Nurse at Mt Carmel: The Deterioration Of Mt Carmel Hospital Is Fuelling The Mental Health Stigma

Earlier today at least 50 patients from Mt Carmel Hospital were transferred to a retirement home following the situation which developed at the hospital, where some wards had to be closed due to dangerous ceilings. This was done in agreement with MUMN and has temporarily solved one of the crises the hospital is facing, though…

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BAD DAD himself, Chris Dingli talks parenthood, bottle-making machines & hidden talents.

Actor, writer, director and self-confessed ‘Bad Dad’ Chris Dingli has been in the performing arts business for the best part of the past 20 years. Over the last few years Chris has been writing, producing and performing his own comedic material, which have included shows, such as The Comedy Knights, Bad Dad, Shakeshorts and, his latest,…

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A Greek Mum in Malta – A Spotlight on Elisavet Arkolaki of Malta Mum

Elisavet Arkolaki, originally from Greece, is the mum behind Maltamum, and a mother of two, Erik 4 years old and Nelly 1. She studied French Language and Literature at the University of Athens and did her Masters Degree in Global Marketing at the University of Liverpool. She moved to Malta in 2006 and had a…

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“It’s a break from being called every 5 minutes for something or another” 2 Maltese Mums On How Exercising Keeps Them Sane

As parents. our kids come first and more often than not, we forget our own needs. However, when we really think about it, it is hard to deny that the captain of the ship (i.e – the parent, yes YOU) must also be taken care of. Parenting is tough and investing a few minutes to…

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‘Artemisia’ 100 Remarkable Women – Who Are They? And What Is It That Makes Them Remarkable?

If you are wondering why your Facebook feed has been flooded with black and white portrait images of women lately, then wonder no more. We are here to break down everything you need to know about ‘Artemisia’ and the ‘Network of Young Women Leaders’. Why is it focused on women? Why were these 100 women…

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A Forever Mum On A Mission – Interview with Nikki Gatt

Nikki has been married to husband Benji for 3 years and they have a ‘beautiful, energetic daughter’, Giulia, who will be 2 in September. I sat down with Nikki to find out more about her new role as a mother and about her newly found health and fitness journey. What was the biggest surprise about becoming a…

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Claire Agius Ordway

Sports, Career & Family – Is It Possible To Have It All? Our Exclusive Interview with Claire Agius Ordway

Claire Agius Ordway needs no introduction. She has graced our local TV screens for a whopping 18 years (!) and is also known for her comedic appearances together with comedy team ZOO. Claire is living proof that us mums really can do it all.  A mum of three children who will be turning 16, 11 and…

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organii sunscreen

8 Reasons People are Raving About This New Organic Sunscreen

As summer is quick approaching the product on most parents’ minds is ‘Sunscreen’, especially for those whose kids (like mine) would rather eat ‘broccoli-flavoured ice cream’ than wear a sun hat (if only they would keep the damn hat on! ) In any case, hat or no hat, sun-screen is super important to avoid sun-burn,…

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7 reasons THIS is one of the best gifts for active kids

As a mum of two VERY active kids, as much as possible I try and fit in as much physical activity as possible whenever I can. Whether it is going for a brisk walk in the city, a picnic or visiting the playground, I have learnt that engaging in some kind of physical activity leads…

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