vivian baby seminar 2019

The Vivian Baby Seminar is back! Here are 6 things you can expect.

‘It takes a village to raise a child’ goes the well-known saying; while we may not manage to create a village, it is important to form a strong support network when it comes to building a family. The Vivian Baby Seminar and Open Day is one of those go-to-events for parents and parents-to-be which aims…

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Popular characters, story-telling and more – Here’s what to expect at Early-Learning Centre’s Open Weekend on 6th and 7th April

Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th April will see the official inauguration of Early Learning Centre (ELC)’s flagship store at Pjazza Tigné. The ELC Tigné Open Weekend welcomes kids and adults to visit their new outlet and experience the creative world of the Early Learning Centre brand. ELC is synonymous with quality toys that focus on education…

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Crockpot malta buzymummy

The Crock-Pot is growing in popularity locally – Here are 6 reasons people are loving it

Have you ever thought about the decisions you spend time taking every day? Maybe you stress about what you are going to wear, or what your kids should wear (yey for uniforms!) or maybe it is about what’s for dinner. Wouldn’t it be great if we as parents could save some time when it comes to cooking for our family?

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youtube kids safety

Young children exposed to inappropriate content online – what are the risks? Interview with Danae Gingell, clinical psychologist.

There have been a myriad of posts in recent days concerning inappropriate content being exposed to young toddlers and children via a number of online app. We spoke to Danae Gingell, a Clinical Psychologist and a mum of two young girls to get an expert view on what the risks are and how best to avoid them. Danae has a special interest in working therapeutically with children and adolescents and works with children of all ages from a variety of social, emotional and psychological circumstances.  She is also very passionate in the emotional well-being of children and strives to create awareness about mental health in any way she can.

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We tried the Go Connect Kids Watch – here are 5 things we learnt

As parents of kids who are growing and becoming more independent, one of our prime concerns is their safety, especially when we are not physically with them. Whether they are at a play date, a party or a sleepover, out shopping or watching a film, many parents dream about being a fly on the wall and following their kids’ activity to have the constant peace of mind that they are safe.

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majjistral festa natura malta

Attention all parents: Visit Majjistral Natural & History park for a weekend to remember

Majjistral Nature & History Park to celebrate 10th anniversary with action-filled open weekend – Festa Natura. To mark the 10th year anniversary of the Majjistral Nature and History Park, a week-long celebration geared towards all the family is being organised at the park between the 3rd and 9th December. On Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th December,…

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Holidays with kids: The place to be this Christmas and 10 reasons why

Keeping the kids excited and entertained during the weekends and their Christmas school holidays can sometimes be easier said than done. Coming up with fun and unique things for your kids to do requires work. We thought we’d help you tick off another item from your to-do-list by doing the research for you. Here’s what…

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valletta waterfront

Where to go with kids in October? Our pick and 5 reasons why.

October signals a change in routine for many families. Early mornings, chauffeuring kids to extra-curricular activities, homework, uniforms and more. With all this, it can be difficult to fit in some time to plan fun family activities, with many of us ending up going to the same places every weekend. This is why we are…

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Animators at a Playmobil party.

What can you expect when organising a kids’ party at the Playmobil FunPark?

If you live in Malta, chances are that you may have attended a child’s birthday party at Playmobil FunPark, or maybe you know someone who has. The news is that if you have not attended a party at the FunPark within the past year, you may be unaware of some brand-new features that the new…

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chicco summer malta bab

Summer as a parent in Malta, how can I protect my baby’s skin?

The summer days have now begun, and long days in the sun become more frequent, with beach trips, BBQs, and other outdoor activities taking place on a regular basis. We are all familiar with Malta’s harsh summers, from the scorching sun to our winged friends to wreak their bloody habit again, which is why it…

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