World Autism Awareness Day – Is everyone aware? by Audrey Komrij Jones

Yesterday, my heart broke. I realized that when I fret and stress about my daughter’s future, and if she will be bullied and treated like dirt when I’m gone, I’m right to do so, despite people telling me it will be OK. Yesterday, I realized that just by lighting up buildings blue, changing our profile pic to a framed one with autism awareness on it, and pretending that we understand, we are all just a bunch of hypocrites. I had thought that to some extent, people understood. I put my daughter out there, to give a face to autism, and to make people understand that even pretty girls who look typical (I refuse to use the word normal), can have different needs.

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Young children exposed to inappropriate content online – what are the risks? Interview with Danae Gingell, clinical psychologist.

There have been a myriad of posts in recent days concerning inappropriate content being exposed to young toddlers and children via a number of online app. We spoke to Danae Gingell, a Clinical Psychologist and a mum of two young girls to get an expert view on what the risks are and how best to avoid them. Danae has a special interest in working therapeutically with children and adolescents and works with children of all ages from a variety of social, emotional and psychological circumstances.  She is also very passionate in the emotional well-being of children and strives to create awareness about mental health in any way she can.