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World Autism Awareness Day – Is everyone aware? by Audrey Komrij Jones

Yesterday, my heart broke. I realized that when I fret and stress about my daughter’s future, and if she will be bullied and treated like dirt when I’m gone, I’m right to do so, despite people telling me it will be OK. Yesterday, I realized that just by lighting up buildings blue, changing our profile pic to a framed one with autism awareness on it, and pretending that we understand, we are all just a bunch of hypocrites. I had thought that to some extent, people understood. I put my daughter out there, to give a face to autism, and to make people understand that even pretty girls who look typical (I refuse to use the word normal), can have different needs.

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Popular characters, story-telling and more – Here’s what to expect at Early-Learning Centre’s Open Weekend on 6th and 7th April

Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th April will see the official inauguration of Early Learning Centre (ELC)’s flagship store at Pjazza Tigné. The ELC Tigné Open Weekend welcomes kids and adults to visit their new outlet and experience the creative world of the Early Learning Centre brand. ELC is synonymous with quality toys that focus on education…

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youtube kids safety

Young children exposed to inappropriate content online – what are the risks? Interview with Danae Gingell, clinical psychologist.

There have been a myriad of posts in recent days concerning inappropriate content being exposed to young toddlers and children via a number of online app. We spoke to Danae Gingell, a Clinical Psychologist and a mum of two young girls to get an expert view on what the risks are and how best to avoid them. Danae has a special interest in working therapeutically with children and adolescents and works with children of all ages from a variety of social, emotional and psychological circumstances.  She is also very passionate in the emotional well-being of children and strives to create awareness about mental health in any way she can.

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We tried the Go Connect Kids Watch – here are 5 things we learnt

As parents of kids who are growing and becoming more independent, one of our prime concerns is their safety, especially when we are not physically with them. Whether they are at a play date, a party or a sleepover, out shopping or watching a film, many parents dream about being a fly on the wall and following their kids’ activity to have the constant peace of mind that they are safe.

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majjistral festa natura malta

Attention all parents: Visit Majjistral Natural & History park for a weekend to remember

Majjistral Nature & History Park to celebrate 10th anniversary with action-filled open weekend – Festa Natura. To mark the 10th year anniversary of the Majjistral Nature and History Park, a week-long celebration geared towards all the family is being organised at the park between the 3rd and 9th December. On Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th December,…

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Taking a career break to have a baby? What happens to your pension? – by Pamela Pace

Every parent is unique and is aware that children need opportunities and enrichment at every age stage, and the decision whether to remain in employment or not, after the birth of child is decided upon differently. For mothers who decide to terminate employment for some time to rear their children, their social security contribution will…

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mother and baby mental health

Stop The Stigma: Mother & Baby’s Mental Health in first 1,000 Days Crucial For Healthy Society – Dr Nigel Camilleri

The first three years of one’s life are the most important for brain development, in fact what a baby does or learns during that time s/he will not lose. On the other hand, if s/he doesn’t learn through exposure to certain environments, relationships and stimuli s/he may never learn later in life. Furthermore the ability…

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12 Golden Tips Shared By Experts During The Vivian Baby Seminar & Fair 2018

On Friday 6th April, Vivian Corporation hosted an educational seminar and baby fair at Xara Lodge, Rabat where specialised healthcare professionals gave valuable expert tips related to pregnancy and the baby’s first year.  The parents-to-be programme covered a talk on Common Ailments during Pregnancy and one about Breastfeeding and Sterilisation whilst the parents programme looked…

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7 Tips All Mums Planning To Breastfeed Should Hear

“Of course you should breastfeed!”  “Maybe you shouldn’t breastfeed.” “Are you still breastfeeding?!”  “Have you stopped breastfeeding already?!”  “I felt no pain whatsoever.”  “It was excruciating.”  “Are you sure you want to do this?” Frankly, we wouldn’t blame any mother for feeling confused or downright scared when it comes to breastfeeding. Too many people have…

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10 Facts Every Parent Should Know About Speech and Language Disorders – by Christian Farrugia

The professional who works with communication disorders is often called a ‘speech therapist.’ However, a ‘speech therapist’ evaluates and works not only on speech difficulties. Given this, I prefer to use the term ‘Speech-Language Pathologist’ (SLP), even though it does not describe our profession fully because we also evaluate and manage feeding and social difficulties.…

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Where To Go? Top Child-Friendly Events in Malta & Gozo – Easter 2018 & more

View all upcoming events organised by date on SoPARENTS.com, an interactive website powered by Buzymummy Around Easter time there are plenty of opportunities how your little ones can be entertained. Especially during Easter holidays many activities are offered, some of them Easter themed like egg hunts. But also cultural and creative events like musicals or…

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3 Theatre Productions For Children Aged 4+ Showing Between March & May 2018

Teatru Salesjan is programming a new performance season for children called Nuna Palk, a collaboration between Teatru Salesjan and Culture Venture. Three original productions will be presented from March to May 2018. Ernesto & Bianca Recommended age: 7+ Comic duo, Jacob Piccinino and Heloise Suire explore two characters dealing with their own obsessions but managing to…

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Karnival f’Malta – X’Ser Jiġri s-Sibt u l-Ħadd li ġej?

L-attivitajiet tal-Karnival għas-Sibt u l-Ħadd li ġej huma: Festivals Malta flimkien mat-Tim Organizzattiv tal-Karnival tixtieq tavża li l-Karnival se jibqa’ għaddej fi tmiem il-ġimgħa. Il-Karnival tat-Tfal se jsir nhar is-Sibt 17 ta’ Frar fid-9:30am fi Pjazza San Ġorġ, fil-Belt Valletta. Il-prezz tal-biljetti hu ta’ €5, b’numru limitat ta’ biljetti VIP li jiswew €10. Wara ssir…

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Carnival in Gozo 2018. Where to go with kids?

Carnival in Gozo will mainly take place in five localities: Victoria, which the main organised event by Gozo Culture within the Ministry for Gozo; Nadur mainly known for its spontaneous Carnival; Xewkija, Għajnsielem and Xagħra. The latter four are organised by their respective local councils. (Cover photo by visitgozo.com) Victoria’s regional Carnival features street parades…

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